Ham Radio Station DL1ZM

QRP and mobile

My passion is QRP ( low power ) and working as DL1ZM/ mobile. It makes a lot of fun to have contact with another hams as mobile station or QRP. I  work all contionents from mobile.                                                             A friend of my said, his callsign is DL4FO. 

              Is life too short for QRP ? No ! DX'ing is too easy with QRO!


                                                   What is QRP ?

QRPing, or transmitting using very little power, has become one of the very last bastions where individuals can create something totally their own, unique in the world, and then use that device to communicate with others hundreds and thousands of miles away. Image if you will the interest you can generate in any public setting by pulling a radio out of your shirt pocket and talking to a friend some 400 to 700 miles away!  


QTH Montenegro 4O/DL1ZM/QRP. My equipment is FT-817ND and Buddipole Antenna.

 Hommade FUCHSKREIS  10m - 80m tuner for end fed wire antenna


 QSO with W3DIYin QRP

Magnetic Loop Antenna for 20m - 10m


An incridible QRP QSO with VK2IZI on 20 m I was so happy to work Neil only with FT-817ND/ 5 Watt and the Miracle Whip Antanna from Germany.

DL1ZM mobile


Icom IC 706 MKII, LDG Z-11 Pro, APRS with Kenwood TM D-700 is my equipment in the car. Mobileantenna is a Tarheel 75 A and Falcon 3000

 My QTH in Montenegro 4O/DL1ZM/mobile 07.2013

Equipment: IC 706 MKII, Tarheel 75A Antenna, Kenwood TM-D700, Diamond 6m/2m/70 cm Antenna



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